GravitasOPG is a New Zealand owned, full-service research consultancy.
We provide a broad spectrum of strategic research services at national and local level, including data collection (fieldwork) services.

Clear thinking Curious Nimble Meticulous Concise

Genuine insights to drive your decisions

When you need great research to drive decision-making, GravitasOPG delivers.

Our work is all about people and we are experts at understanding, measuring and explaining thoughts and behaviour. Since 2001, our research has driven decision-making in both the public and private sectors.

We are trusted with some of New Zealand’s most vital and sensitive national research projects. Our services are sought out to inform business, policy, measure progress and as legal evidence.

GravitasOPG offers a team of experienced consultants, analysts and our own fieldwork force for research.

Smart people, easy to work with

Our success is down to the creativity and experience of our team. Our consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. They work at GravitasOPG for the opportunity to apply intellectual talents to real-life, important challenges.

We understand that good decisions rely on high quality, clearly interpreted and timely information – and we take this mindset to every project.

The diversity of staff experience, background and skills ensures your project receives a critical balance of deep and broad expertise. But it’s not just about the quality of the outcome – we are committed to being flexible, fast and easy to work with.

Whether you want clear strategic direction, the detailed picture or some high quality data, GravitasOPG delivers.
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