GravitasOPG helps organisations get the information and insights needed to make sound decisions.
We do this by asking the right questions, being meticulous in our approach and clearly communicating the outcomes.

What answers are you looking for?

We are research and strategy experts in:

  • customer experience and satisfaction;
  • reputation assessment and monitoring;
  • behaviour change;
  • transportation research and monitoring;
  • urban planning;
  • public attitudes, awareness and behaviour;
  • new product development and concept testing;
  • needs assessment and community consultation;
  • policy analysis and development;
  • social marketing and communications development; and
  • programme evaluation.

Our services include:

  • large scale survey work including online, telephone and personal interviews;
  • in-depth, analytical qualitative research;
  • observation and compliance monitoring;
  • data analysis, including synthesizing primary and secondary data;
  • literature reviews; and
  • multi-lingual and cross-cultural research.

All of our research is tailored to the needs of the project and the client, drawn from a wide-ranging toolkit. We have many long-standing partnerships, allowing strategic insights into all aspects of our clients’ operation.

We work across all data collection methods, including qualitative, complex online surveys, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Face to Face interviews and observation.

For a sense of who we work with, see Industries and Clients.see Industries and Clients.

Data collection services

As well as our consulting arm, GravitasOPG operates a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) survey centre in central Auckland, staffed by a full-time field manager, supported by supervisors and a multi-cultural team of interviewers.

We also employ an extensive team of in-field interviewers for interviews and observation in public spaces. Having this capacity in-house has numerous benefits including efficiency and high quality assurance. As well as interviewing, we provide observation and compliance monitoring services – contact us to discuss your needs.

Quality Assurance

GravitasOPG is a member of the Research Association of New Zealand, an Approved All-of-Government Consultancy Services Provider (Policy, Research and Development) and our health and safety processes are approved through our accreditation as an ISNetWorld certified supplier.

Whether you want clear strategic direction, the detailed picture or some high quality data, GravitasOPG delivers.
For a sense of who we work with see sectors and clientssectors and clients